Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Fire from Within.

All fire comes from within a person. Each person experiences winds and and passions that always come from within. No fire can be brought about by something outside of a person. For a person to be inflamed about something they must first have a spark within them about what has gotten us going. The spark that ignites the fire cannot comme from outside otherwise it will fizzile out. Try lighting wet wood on fire sometime to find out what I mean. A fire of dry wood or dried wood does not ignite because a spark is put to the side of it. It ignites because the spark is inside of wood and burns through the wood. The same is true of the human spirit, a spark put up to it does not light us on fire. But when that fire is allowed into our hearts it will burn from inside out and give off a light that is unmistakable. A light that will cause others to ask what is different about this person and get them to ask waht do they have that I do not. It is through these questions that the whole world will become a light and a blaze. What we set the fire for us our choice....we can either allow a flame of truth to work its way through us or we can stifle it. The choice is ours. How do we want the world to change? That is up to us all, but must first start with each and everyone of us inside. But this is enough musings for now.