Friday, December 23, 2005

The Reason for the Season.

At work I hear alot of Goespel music, one of the songs that I really like is 911 by Kirk Franklen teaturing T.D. Jakes. There is a simple reason for me liking this song the chorus, sung by Jakes goes: "See that's the reason for this song Wherever you go there's something ya got to know (God still cares) (weeping may endure for a night) And he told me to tell you (everything's gon' be alright)." What's the reason for the song? It's God's love for each of us. His love is what keeps us strong. It's not only the reason for us to sing in hard times and the good times. His love is the reason for this season.

Long ago, an angel appeared to a virgin in a no account town of Nazereth. That humble young woman was named Mary. She said yes to God's purposal to her and through her to all humanity. Because she said yes, God came into the world. The child's name was Jesus "God is with us." God came into the world to change it and save it. When Jesus comes into our heart then we can never be the same. On a side note, the seperation of Church and state is an absurd idea for this very reason. When a person truly has faith then it will form their very being permunating them totally. That is one of the many errors of our day, that you can leave faith on Sunday morning. But I think I will rant about that after the holidays. Even though the materialism that has become Christmas, which our belover Holy Father warns against, comes from this same veiw. To bring Christmas back to Christ will be a challenge that every Christian must undertake. It must start with their own heart and daily life. Society has taken Christ out of Christmas, making it into X-mas or the Holidays. Without Christ it becomes about gifts. Growing up my family was very poor, we had more of a Christ center in Christmas and not on gifts because we simply did not have them to recieve. So we recieved the one thing that we could recieve (at least this was true for me, I cannot speak for my siblings). God came into my life and we did what we could. Without Christ then we lose the reason for the season or the reason for the song. Bring Christ back into Christmas comming to know Him, serve Him and love Him. Not because He gives us anything, simply because He loves us then we can truly love others. Love shows us the way and the reason we sing. We are surprised by Joy because we become the cup over flowing with Love when we love God. God's love for us is the reason for the season, Christmas comes before Easter but always points to it. Our hope at Christmas is in the Easter sacrfice.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Not a tame Lion...

By now I'm guessing everyone has seen Narnia, so I am going to put down some thoughts on it all. In the movie the words I am going to write about are spoken by Mr. Tumnas, but in the book they are said by Mr Beaver. "He'll drop in. Only don't press him. He's wild you know. Not like a tame lion." There is so much truth in those words. Aslan operates on this own time table. We can not force him to make any changes to His plans. He will always come and go as He pleases, never doing as we want, but always doing what He knows to be best for us all. The Great Lion will always do what is best for His kingdom. You can never predict what Aslan will do next or where He will show up. He demands nothing less of us then everything. He takes us as we are, as He did to the children, molding us into Kings and Queens. That's what the saints are Kings and Queens in Heaven.

Aslan says to us all, "You must come to know me now by another name in your world." All of us must come to realize that Aslan is Christ. His other name is the name above all other names to which all knees will bend (Phl. 2:19). Everything about Aslan can be said about Christ, since they are one. Christ is not tame by any means. Anyone who reads the Beatitudes without fear and trembling is a fool. We can get through the Ten commandments batting at least 500. But in the Beatitudes no matter who we are our batting average goes to nothing. Because then adultry, for example, becomes "That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart" (Matt. 5:28). That is a conviction to us all, if that one doesn't get us something else in there will. Christ wants us to become His little children, His precious ones. Aslan is away for us to know Christ, but we must make the crossover into our world from Narnia. Just as we must not leave Christ in the Church on Sunday morning. He wants the whole of our life, not just an hour or so a day. Are you willing to give it? Does it scare you? It should scare you. Become a King or Queen nothing less then this is demanded of you. If you do not want to be a King or Queen it is because you do not fully want to be (a paraphrase of William Law's statment about becomming saints). The Lion's roar will ring loud and true in your life if you open your ears to hear.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So I just found this funny.

This is what happens when Christmas meets
finals. Hang in there everyone.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Guiding Light

In case it has been forgotten I write about whatever is on my mind at the time that I sit down and write my post. My mind has been occupied as of late with choices and guidence to making choices. We make choices based upon our experiences, morals, the advice of other people in our life and faith. I will address each of these individually. First our experinces, are the basic way we learn about our surrounding world. We learn through our senses and the intellect's inturpetation of the information gathered. How we act in regards to this information is what forms the concious. It is very easy to misform the concouience without a guide that is outside of the person to guide it. This guide is morality and faith. These two go hand in hand. It is very difficult to have true morals without faith, because for morality to be true it must have something outside of humanity. So upon what do we build morality. A morality that cannot be false, but always true and applecable in any situation. True morality is not just word typed in a blog or written in a book. If you want to know what a person's moral standing is, simply look at there life. It is near impossible to know enough about a person to make this judgment, because an unfortuante effect of the fall of man is that we hide our faults all to well. Many people are two faced and hide behind a mask, I know this all to well. I did it for many years, I try not to know but it is a hard struggle. When those two faces are exposed to the world then the inconsistence is eliminated due to the fact that when an inconsitancy rises it needs to be illimintaed. We must move towards the good, we all long for the good, the true and the beautiful. These are the sign posts that we are moving in the right direction and those around us are helping us to move to the ultimate good which is God. If someone is not helping us to move towards these goals then can they really be called friend? If they are hidding a face from the world, trying to appear upright and proper on one side of the street while on the other side of the street they drink, party, make out (i choose this broad term very intentionally) and do many other things that do not lead a soul to Heaven. Is this person really for the spiritual benefit or even the physical benifit of a person? One of the hardest things that we can ever do is say good-bye to someone we have called a close friend, it takes and intentional choice on our part to do this. It is very hard to do, there is a reason why I don't have many friends from my 'past' life. I let them go. But there is somthing that is important in guiding us to make this choice. A trusted person who this can be discussed with. Ideally a spiritual director if possible. If that is not possible a trusted friend who you have already recognized to be wise. The first step to that is just outright someone who is willing to listen and not give answers or be a fix-it person for you (If you want proof of this, look in the book of Proverbs about the importance of silence and listening). This person is the one who will be a light to us, but we must choose wisly who this is. They can bring us to light but just as easily if not easier they can lead us into a firie pit. All of our choices ultimatly must be weighed against the will of God revealed in His word and through His servant the Church. The biggest key is know yourself as you are before God. Do not worry about people, the only opinion that matters is God's thoughts about you.

A short aside though, there are somethings that a iron resolve must be made about before we are ever in that situation. For example, how far is to far when it comes to relations with another person. I will expand on what I mean by this example through my own life. I will not kiss anyone again until I am engaged to them. I made this choice because even a simple kiss can lead my mind into areas of thought and fantisy that are sinful. Since I knew that this is what happens to me personallyI've made this choice, but it also leads to a greater good of learning self control and the ablity to show love in other ways. This blog has gotten alot more personal in regards to how my mind works. I hope all of this makes some semblance of sense to anyone who read it, it'll make even more for those who know me best.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

In the Darkness

No night was ever as dark as one that happened two thousand years ago. The night, it was an illeagal night trial, when all of humanity did the most huredous thing possible: we put God Incarnet on trial. What right do we have to put God in the dock? We made ourselves greater then Jesus, the very Word of God among us, by saying you are wrong and a sinner. Never in that night did humanity realize that the one standing to be judged is the one true Judge of the living and the dead. But in humility Christ stood and listened to His accusers, never raising His voice or weilding His power, because He was doing the will of the Father. He was to bring about the greatest event in human history the redemption of humaity. The very next day after this all night trial, Christ was put to death. This was so horrible that the Sun could not even look upon it and the very stones cried out through an earthquake. No time has ever been as bleek as this, the Incarnate God head was dead. Something greater than anything imaginable happened because of this dark night. Christ rose from the dead and showed that death is not the end of the road but only the beginning of our true life with God. So when things are the darkest in your life know that God is forming you and preparing you for something greater. Suffering and pain are what we must go through inorder to be refined as pure gold. When we do not 'feel' God's prescence in our life is when He is doing the greatest work. In times that seem so dark that we will never live through them or lose our faith, think back to that day two thousand years ago when the Sun covered its eyes and we killed God. Something great is on the horizen that we cannot see. Perserver in faith and trust God.