Monday, August 28, 2006

Why are there no more examples like this?

We need more people with values like John Wayne had....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Of Beauty....

This is some more thoughts on somethings that I have about beauty from a conversation of tonight. I don't think I will get much sleep until I write something.

First of is beauty subjective or objective? The answer to this is simple to me, beauty can only be objective. The first question that must be answered is: "what do you mean by beuaty?" If you mean what is appealing to you or what you like, than beauty is subjective. But that is not beauty. This is merely likes and dislikes plan and simple. To say something is beautiful is to say something about it in itself. Beauty is in the nature of a thing not put in it from outside by the seer. Isn't that clear enough?

The second is the commonality of beauty in people. All people see things as beautiful, though not everything that is called beautiful is in fact beautiful. Even the darkest people refer to somethings as beautiful, but due to the twisting of the world they do not understand what is beautiful and only know it to be what they like. Even the most worldly people can see the beauty in a sunrise or sunset, these are a calling deep down inside of them to see the beauty that is comming out of these events.

The third thing may seem odd to many, but is something that I have come to understand as very important, it is in the names of things. In the sounds of words and names there is beauty that is denoted in the thing that is called so. This is possibly the hardest to express, but I will try. Words are not something we put on things as deconstructionists may claim, but are in the things. A table is not called a table because of some use or frame, but it is a table because that is the word from which it sprung from. It was after all in speaking that all of creation came into being. In the words that God spoke at the beginning brought all things into existance. Adam was to name all things, but being unfallen Adam was able to see what all things as they are. Adam did not impose on them a name, but spoke what they were and in these words is a beauty. Even in the sound of these words are beauty.

These are such few thoughts that I have on this matter. I have thought very much about objectivity vs. subjectivity of beauty. Beauty must be objective and in the nature of it. But if this is unclear ask me for more and I will try to answer it.