Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Modern knights Part 3: Weapons each of us have to use.

Each person has two options in life: either to become lethargic and not care about the world or put on a helmet pick up a weapon and fight.  The simple reality is in the fact that these are the only two fundamental options to live.  All other courses through life are variations of these two.  If we choose to be lethargic then we cease to be human becoming tools and commodities to be used by others.  In this state we allow ourselves to be manipulated and molded into sheep.  Aristotle said long ago, "The sheep is said to be naturally dull and stupid. Of all quadrupeds it is the most foolish: it will saunter away to lonely places with no object in view; oftentimes in stormy weather it will stray from shelter; if it be overtaken by a snowstorm, it will stand still unless the shepherd sets it in motion; it will stay behind and perish unless the shepherd brings up the rams; it will then follow home" (History of Animals, 9.3).  Is this what we want to be, let alone are meant to be?  We are not meant to be sheep, to be fools who "saunter about with no object in view", we are meant to be people.  Living breathing people who walk in the world with our eyes open and our minds awake.  How do we cease to be sheep?  We cease to be sheep when we come before the Shepard.

The Shepard will ask us simply if we will fight with Him or against Him.  When we say yes to Him, He will hand us everything we need for the battle.  It is up to us to use them.  Each person has different talents, which should never be hidden.  Everyone has talents. Our talents are the weapons which we can fight.  The Shepard is the One who will teach us to use our talents.  When our eyes turn towards Him everything else melts away.  We become able to fight.  Not a fight with fists or guns, but a battle for the Truth.  When we look to the Shepard we look Truth in the eyes and He looks back into us.  He sees all we have been and everything we are now.  He will show us everything we can become when we turn to Him embracing Him and picking up our cross.  The battle is never won with guns or cruel words, it is won with sacrifice and redemption.  The Shepard won the war, the daily battles each of us are in the middle of fighting.  Do not fear we do not fight battles alone.  He will guide us and do all the heavy lifting, we need to come into His light.  When we look to the Shepard we find that we are not drifting sheep, but we are saints who can change the world one person at a time.

Every time we fall to our knees before the Master the world will change around us.  The King gives us everything we need to fight battles.  The choice to fight is up to us.  Dragons are real, every child knows it.  We have to learn that dragons can be defeated and even more so the enemy has been defeated.  The war is already won. It was won on the day the sun was darkened.  The battle for each individual soul is waged everyday.  We do not fight these battles with guns and weapons, but with choices.  The choice to love and walk in Truth, rather than in sloth and lies being feed to us.  The Truth will set you free is old truth, but it takes work to find Truth.  In seeking you will find Truth if you are really seeking.  You will find a sword that must not be hidden and left in the scabbard to rust. A sword must be carried and used, so to must the Truth. Truth must be spoken and lived.  One can speak anything, but how you live will show much more of who you are and the love you possess.  Live in the light of truth and love.

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