Thursday, April 14, 2011

Modern knights: Part 1 what is a knight?

This is meant to be the first in a series of posts about the need for knights in the modern age and men to be men. Along side of men being true men, women need to be true women.  Both are molded from young ages by everything around them.  The molding can be to strength, courage, faithfulness and hope; or it can mold us into a mindless gollum.  A gollum is a mythical creature formed out of mud and has no will of it's own.  Human beings are not gollums, we have been given the gifts of a will and reason to guide us.  All of us need to remember who we are and made to be.  We live in a world that wants us to forget and turn into mindless gollums to do bidding of those who have bent themselves into power for themselves and their benefit.

In a journey into knighthood we must first ask, "What is a knight?"  Simply put a knight is a person who fights for the a king or ruler with honor, virtue, fidelity and courage.  These four are the foundations of being a knight.  We will get into each of them later.  These virtues have been lost in the modern world or are so watered down that they do not even have meaning anymore.  Even more importantly we have forgotten for Whom we fight.  A knight knows the will of his lord.  The truest knights know the will of the Lord and live according to His will.  When we loose sight of the will of our Lord we will loose sight of ourselves.

A knight without a lord to serve was lost, not only lost in knighthood also in who he is.  Every knight is meant to serve a master.  Freedom comes in submission to the just will of the Master.  Free not to do whatever he chooses,, but free to conform himself to the will of his Lord.  This is true freedom.  When we go against what we are made to be then we make ourselves into slaves.  A knight is a servant by nature so for a knight freedom comes in serving the Lord.

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