Thursday, April 28, 2011

Modern knights Part 2: Who is a knight?

If a knight is a servant warrior, than who today would be a knight?  Are they only the ones who serve in our armed forces?  The armed forces are important and deserve our support, but not all serve for love of their lord.  A country is not really a lord anyways, the country is not a mutable idea.  A knight serves principles that are a rock foundation of their lives.  Yes, there are many modern knights in the armed forces and many who are not.  Those who pick up swords and fight because principles and justice demand it are knights.

Every person is called to be Princes and Princesses, the King of kings calls us to come into His family to be His sons and daughters.  The primary knights have always been the nobles, the family of the king and queen along with those who have been taken into the royal family for their deeds.  Every one of us is invited to become a member of a royal family, not an Earthly and temporal royal family, but an eternal royal family.  Every human being is invited to become a child of the living God; brothers and sisters of Christ.

Entrance into this family though carries a price though, we choose sides.  In entering the family of God we choose sides in a war we only partially see.  We choose to pick up a sword and shield and fight.  Our enemies are not liberals, Jews, Muslims, Taoists, conservatives, China, Mexico, or any other group you can think of being at odds.  The enemies we are in a fight with are principalities and powers who have rebelled against God, putting themselves first.  The battle is not about having all the money, power, food, the fastest car or biggest house; this war is about whether or not eternal  souls will spend eternity in Heaven.  The price of entrance into God's family is being willing to fight for the salvation of all souls.  No politics or nuances to the battle.  The salvation of all souls is the battle we are in, every Prince and Princess in the Kingdom of God is called to be a knight in this battle.

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